4 Shot Dead on Afghanistan Polio Vaccinators In “Targeted Attacks”

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4 Shot Dead on Afghanistan Polio Vaccinators In “Targeted Attacks”

4 Shot Dead on Afghanistan Polio Vaccinators In "Targeted Attacks"
4 Shot Dead on Afghanistan Polio Vaccinators In “Targeted Attacks”

The second vaccinator assault on the area in less than three months, authorities said Tuesday, at least four individuals were murdered by a series of targeted police aggression in eastern Afghanistan. Police officer Farid Khan told Nangarhar Police spokesperson that they had been shot dead in three locations for two hours during a “coordinated attack.”

“This is the Taliban’s aim to deprive individuals of polio immunizations,” he claimed.

Speaker Osman Taheri acknowledged that the assaults were carried out. The Taliban refused to accept responsibility.

Apart from Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan, polio has been eradicated worldwide, with a high degree of skepticism of vaccinations and eradication programs.

Officials said that Tuesday’s assaults in Khogyani District had killed and wounded two vaccinators, while Surkhrod killed two.

During the other attack, the provincial capital Jalalabad was injured by three vaccinators. The effort for immunization was now discontinued in the province, another health authority told AFP.

“We have ceased all polio vaccination operations in Nangarhar province currently, all of which were targeted attacks on polio vaccinators,” the official added, not to be named.

Three gunmen killed three women polio vaccinators in Jalalabad on Tuesday’s assaults are less than three months. The country has been confronted with a catastrophic wave of targeted assaults on politicians, activists, and journalists that the government of Afghanistan and the United States have accused the Taliban.

Routine responsibility is denied. 10 persons in northern Afghanistan were shot dead last week in the HALO Trust Mine Clearing Organization. The government believed the Taliban were behind the attack, while the charity of the United Kingdom reported that local activists actually helped.

Taliban and religious leaders sometimes say to communities that a west-conspiracy vaccination for Muslim kids has been employed as a spy on terrorist operations and that immunization efforts are dubious.

Officials say that in areas they control, the Taliban do not allow door-to-door operations.

“We’ve come into a scenario where demining, doctors, nurses, vaccinators and human rights defender, as well as everyone who wants to preserve our lives and children, is being slaughtered systematically,” said Shaharzad Akbar, Head of the Independent Commission on Human Rights in Afghanistan.

“The offenders are neither effectively prevented nor punished.”

The Taliban have gained enormous advantages in Afghanistan as they prepare for the last of their forces to be removed from the country by 20 years of conflict by September – even while the Afghan government and the Taliban have halted peace negotiations.




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