Edinson Cavani has been charged with misconduct for a breach of FA Rule E3

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Edinson Cavani has been charged with misconduct for a breach of FA Rule E3

For a now-deleted social media post containing a Spanish phrase that is offensive in certain contexts and for which the Manchester United star apologized, Edinson Cavani was charged with misconduct by the Football Association. The 33-year-old Uruguayan striker’s Instagram post thanked a friend after scoring twice as United came from 2-0 down last month to beat Southampton 3-2 and included the Spanish word “negrito” for his congratulations (small black person).

He deleted the post later and apologized when the meaning that could be attached to it was pointed out.

At the time, both United and the player said that the word was clearly used in South America in an affectionate manner and has different connotations.

“Edinson Cavani has been charged with misconduct for a breach of FA Rule E3, in relation to a social media post on Thursday 29 November 2020,” read the FA statement.

It is alleged that a comment posted on the Manchester United FC player’s Instagram page was insulting and/or abusive and/or improper and/or disregarded the game, contrary to FA Rule E3.1.

It is further alleged that the comment constitutes an ‘aggravated infringement’ as defined in FA Rule E3.2 since it included a reference to color and/or race and/or ethnic origin, whether express or implied.’

The striker — who, although he has now returned to training, has been out of action for the past two matches due to a muscle injury — has until January 4, 2021, to provide a response to the charge.

United said they would consult with Cavani about their response to the accusation.

Under rules relating to discrimination offenses brought in by the FA this season, the striker could potentially be suspended for more than three matches.

“Edinson and the club were clear that there was absolutely no malicious intent behind the message, which he deleted and apologized for as soon as he was informed that it could have been misconstrued,” read a club statement.

“The player and the club will now consider the charge and respond to the FA accordingly.”


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