Ganguly spoke on behalf of the IPL chairman when the IPL venues and dates were being discussed and arranged.

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Ganguly spoke on behalf of the IPL chairman when the IPL venues and dates were being discussed and arranged.

BCCI representatives began arriving in Ahmedabad on Tuesday morning, ahead of the 89th Annual General Meeting (AGM) that will take place on Thursday at the newly refurbished Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium in Motera.
As reported on Monday, the members also want to address comments made by former Indian chief selector Dilip Vengsarkar, bringing forward their demand that President Sourav Ganguly should recuse himself from the many conflicts he finds himself embroiled in.

“It is quite amazing to see Ganguly wearing so many hats as he speaks on behalf of the presumably appointed chairman of the selectors,” Vengsarkar said, underlining Ganguly’s remarks that came before the IPL final in the UAE in the background of the fitness assessment of cricketer Rohit Sharma.

Ganguly spoke on behalf of the IPL chairman when the IPL venues and dates were being discussed and arranged. Time and time again, he talks on behalf of those who are free to make their own choices. Will he degrade their credentials? “said Vengsarkar.
Some administrators and members of the board who say that the former India captain found it “convenient to speak out of turn” have further spurned these remarks.

He wanted to present the IPL before the Board of Governors. He revealed that on an Instagram chat, the Asia Cup will not take place, ahead of an official statement coming in. He continued to say that without first consulting with members who kept asking how exactly it was going to happen in the first place, domestic cricket will be conducted, senior members said, stressing that these issues would be taken up at the AGM.

There are also things the BCCI has to think about. Some are identified, as members point out, here:

Cricketers will have to play regardless of whether or not domestic cricket takes place. How does the board decide which players are going to play? (because teams in any format or tournament have not been selected).

There’s a mess at the National Cricket Academy (NCA). The land allotted to NCA is still null. There are opposing complaints. A call must be made for the recruitment of new employees, coaches, and trainers (on a contract or just freelancers).

The Board needs to take more steps towards further online interaction with cricketers if Covid refuses to give in for another six to eight months.

A call must be made for floating tenders in the IPL for two new franchises (even if it is for 2022).

Cricket committees must be investigated, including the selection of three new selectors.

There are policy issues that the BCCI has to discuss, including the stance that needs to be taken at the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games on the inclusion of cricket.

Finally, there is the ICC, where profits are still pending and there is pressure from the governing body with respect to the World Cup tax exemptions.

There are some issues where there is a need to make crucial calls. The key goal of the BCCI has to be to work on an image shift because in recent years it has been dented on many fronts. A lot of good work has been done, but none of the things about Indian cricket is visible. Like bees to honey, before anything else, we seem to draw criticism,’ say senior members.

This is where dispute allegations against Ganguly-some subtle, some blatant-do not support the Board, they add.
At a time when BCCI needs to work to change its brand, do better work, start things that have stopped these last four years, what we see instead is just the opposite. Once again, for indulging in blatant confrontation, we are encouraging the courts and the media to point fingers at us. That ought not to happen,’ say state associations.

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