H.P. Manjunath and Yathindra Siddaramaiah have accused CM B.S. Yediyurappa of nepotism in the release of funds

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H.P. Manjunath and Yathindra Siddaramaiah have accused CM B.S. Yediyurappa of nepotism in the release of funds

H.P. Manjunath and Yathindra Siddaramaiah, who represent the Hunsur and Varuna Assembly constituencies in Mysuru, respectively, have accused Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa of nepotism in the release of funds for developmental projects in their respective constituencies.

Both Congress MLAs cited instances of the State government approving works allegedly favored by the Chief Minister’s family members or close relatives while blocking the release of funds sought for the overall development of the people in the two MLAs’ constituencies while speaking at a press conference in Mysuru.

Mr. Manjunath said that the BJP government had made “zero” contributions to Hunsur. The government was not only not sanctioning funds, but it was also withdrawing funds that had already been issued, halting development work in the constituency. He said that non-release of funds had halted work worth more than 200 crores in 17 departments.

While the people of Hunsur taluk awaited the start of approved projects that were pending funding, Mr. Manjunath said the BJP government led by Mr. Yediyurappa recently approved a 3 crore project for the construction of Dharmapura lake in the taluk, allegedly for the benefit of his nephew’s farm near the waterbody. Work on the Dharmapura lake has been approved, despite the fact that work on the Kattemalavadi lake, which would help a greater number of people, has stalled.

Mr. Manjunath claimed that he had reason to believe that the BJP government was discriminating against the Hunsur constituency because the people defeated the BJP’s candidate in the by-polls held after the coalition government collapsed.

He said that public funds were being misappropriated to support Mr. Yediyurappa’s relatives and family and that he had devolved into a “rubber stamp.” Mr. Manjunath said that Mr. Yediyurappa’s son, B.Y. Vijayendra, was giving orders to government officials.

Mr. Yathindra Siddaramaiah repeated Mr. Manjunath’s assertions, alleging that development work in the Varuna constituency has also come to a halt. Even the MLA’s Area Development Funds are not being released by the government, let alone funds for other developmental activities.

Although this was the case, Mr. Yathindra stated that works worth more than 40 crores had recently been approved in the Varuna constituency at the request of Mr. Vijayendra. “How would the government approve works that were not even brought to the attention of the region MLA when the government was not even taking up already approved works for the constituency for the benefit of the people?” As a result, the approvals have been halted for the time being,” he said.

Mr. Yathindra expressed his frustration with the virtual halt to rural development projects, including road building, stating that the situation contrasted sharply with the trend under Congress when funds for development projects were released without fear or favor.

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