Hacker Group with Hannah Montana Meme Elon Musk Throws Shade

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Hacker Group with Hannah Montana Meme Elon Musk Throws Shade

Hacker Group with Hannah Montana Meme Elon Musk Throws Shade
Hacker Group with Hannah Montana Meme Elon Musk Throws Shade

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, famous for his love of memory, is an entertaining person to respond to a film aimed at him by the Anonymous cyber organization. The fictitious pop star Hannah Montana was his choice weapon this time.

Share a picture of the video of the hacker group, whose subtitle is changed to say: “Hannah Montana is actually Miley Cyrus”

The meme scorns Anonymous’s video on Mr. Musk, as it is known by everybody, on the same name as Hannah Montana, a young songwriter in a tremendously successful comedy performed by musician-actor Miley Cyrus. The meme scorned him.

Ms. Cyrus answered the milliardaire quickly.

“In trust, I told you that! Can’t you construct a rocket but keep a goddamn secret?!?!, “She tweeted. She tweeted.

Mr. Musk, 49, also had the video threat previously mocked – with a meme again.

The worldwide “Anonymous” hacker group this week said it is preparing to attack the SpaceX CEO for all too often affecting the crypto-currency market via his tweets.

Two Twitter “Anonymous” identities quickly distanced from the film, which raised thousands of views over days. But the video was posted by a third handle with 5.9 million followers.

“There seems to be more of a superiority and a savior mentality in your search for the saving of the globe than it is of the human race,” the Group titled the video and added “cc: Elon Musk.”

‘Anonymous,’ because of his dominance over the crypt-currency market, was highly disappointed with Mr. Musk in the video message.

“You could believe that you’re the intelligent person in the world, but now you’ve met. We’re a legion, nameless, “The video storyteller closes with a Guy Fawkes mask.

The video further hammered the business mogul into stating that he has a “superiority complex” and that his incessant crypto-trolling hurts working people and their aspirations.

“Elon’s not the common man’s friend,” the video group claims.

Mr. Musk recently said that Tesla has ceased taking Bitcoin as the cost of its automobiles – that it will help increase fossil fuel usage.

Elon Musk came back on Monday and stated Tesla will again be able to utilize Bitcoin to make the crypt price save to two weeks.

Many crypto investors didn’t take Mr. Musk very well for ‘manipulating the markets.’

In addition, the programmer stated that Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency which he designed as a joke to essentially reveal genuine cryptocurrencies, maybe a real one. “The actual money becomes that money that began as a joke,” he remarked.

“Don’t make cryptocurrencies your life savings. This is imprudent, “But he added it.

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