Holiday Stories of 2020 is something different this year, read to what people had to say 

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Holiday Stories of 2020 is something different this year, read to what people had to say 

Swara Bhasker, actor

2020 helped me realize what my true ambitions are, and that is family and loved ones. We are preparing to spend New Year’s Eve in a beautiful Fort Hotel in Rajasthan with the extended family. This year, appreciation is my greatest take away: for my family, for my friends, for being sufficiently fortunate to live without receiving over half a year. As far as 2021 is concerned, it will be a job, work. The lockdown made me miss shooting and enormously on set. I want to be busy, to be busy relentlessly.

Aishwarya Nair Mathew, hotelier, and entrepreneur

I’m going to my native home this New Year’s Eve in Kannur, Kerala, for a private family weekend. ‘Krishna Leela’ is the home of my [CP Krishnan Nair who founded The Leela Group] grandfather and I have so many memories of growing up there. I expect to eat a lot of kallumakkaya (mussels) with chillies, turmeric and coconut made the local way, and I look forward to opening a Champagne 68 Salon, saved for a special occasion. Having gratitude for what you have brings you a life of bounty… That’s one lesson I’ll be bringing forward from 2020.

Madan Gowri, South India’s biggest YouTuber

I’m going to wing it myself to a hill station this year [I’m not disclosing which one because I’m going to pretend I don’t exist when my friends start inviting me to parties]. The intention is to go off the radar and play all-day video games. This year has taught me that to create good content, I don’t always need a big setup or a lot of support around me. I want to extend the learning to all aspects of my life, so the beginning of 2021 is a solitary one.

William Dalrymple, historian, and writer

I’m going to be trapped in a muddy Somerset family bubble, warding off mutant Covid-19 and dreaming of the Kerala coast near Trivandrum, where we saw and saw Annus Horribilis in 2019.

Rahul Dua, stand-up comic

Owing to night constraints, people are forced to celebrate my journey at home this year. I am not a New Year party guy, despite my stage persona. Everyone is normally out on the roads and who wants to be part of that, with Delhi traffic? I’ll take a relaxed step into the new year, with the people I really care about. Plus, a few weeks ago, I got married, so it’s going to be a very fresh start in 2021.

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