Infosys has opened COVID care centers for its employees and their families in Pune and Bengaluru

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Infosys has opened COVID care centers for its employees and their families in Pune and Bengaluru

India’s second-largest IT services company announced that it has opened COVID care centers for its employees and their families in Pune and Bengaluru and that it is in the process of opening similar facilities across the country. The firm, which derives 86 percent of its revenue from markets such as the United States and Europe, claims that the current health crisis has no bearing on client deliverables.

India is seeing a record number of COVID-19 cases every day, putting a strain on the country’s healthcare system. According to data revised on Monday at 8 a.m. by the Union health ministry, there were 3,52,991 new coronavirus infections and 2,812 deaths.

The second phase of the pandemic has seen a huge increase in infections, resulting in a shortage of medical oxygen and beds in many nations. People seeking oxygen tanks, hospital beds, plasma donors, and ventilators are making SOS calls on social media.

“Infosys has established Employee COVID Care Centres in Pune and Bengaluru to help employees and their families who have contracted COVID-19 and need special medical care outside home quarantine.” In an emailed statement, Infosys said that these centers will be run by Ruby Hall Hospital in Pune and Manipal Hospitals in Bengaluru.

Infosys is also in the process of establishing similar care centers across its major Indian offices, according to the company. “At this time, we are continuing to work in a remote model through our offices and see no effect on our client deliverables as a result of the health situation,” the company said.

In addition, Infosys has partnered with COVID-19 testing labs across the country, as well as emergency ambulance providers in every major city. To provide care for its workers and their families, the organization has partnered with 1,490 hospitals in 242 cities across India.

In partnership with healthcare partners, the Bengaluru-based company said it has developed vaccination centers for employees and their families at some of its campuses across India. The business, which is establishing additional centers across all other campuses in India, has partnered with over 130 hospitals in India to provide vaccinations to its employees and their families.

“Infosys applauds the government’s decision to make vaccination available to all adults in India. Our teams are collaborating with our medical partners to expedite the vaccine process so that our workers are protected as soon as possible. Infosys said, “We are in discussions with healthcare providers as well as vaccine suppliers to assist us in this endeavor.”

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