Jobs to come back in second half, monthly Monster posting nearly doubles: Quess Corp

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Jobs to come back in second half, monthly Monster posting nearly doubles: Quess Corp

Bengaluru: India is expected to see a revival of jobs in the second half of this year fuelled by demand from IT services, eCommerce, logistics,” said Suraj Moraje, Group CEO and executive director, Quess Corp.

The staffing major said even though there was a significant drop in demand in Q1 (April-June), it has seen a surge in queries from eCommerce, logistics, IT services, and some other sectors. The education sector, however, continues to see a decline in demand.

“I think the worst is behind us,” said Moraje, adding that: “On Monster (job portal) there was 38000 job posting a month in Q1; while in Q2 we had 64000 jobs posting a month.”

“We are pivoting towards the sectors where we see growth. We are putting a lot of focus on eCommerce and logistics. The IT services segment has done very well for us, we want to focus on that more,” added Moraje.

Quess, which currently has 325000 employees on its rolls deployed across industry sectors, has seen demand declining in the security services and education sector. A large part of its demand for security services was coming from transportation arranged by IT and other companies and that has been reduced with more employees working from home.

“In education, we have seen business getting hit. It should start coming back after November,” said Moraje.

The IT services sector has been a major contributor to the revival of growth for Quess and others.

Analysts suggest the IT-BPM sector has been creating demand for temporary job roles in digital technologies and the packages offered for such temporary roles are often higher than the permanent roles.

“An IT professional who has four to five years of experience and digital technology skills may get a 50 to 100% jump in the package. Yes, it may be a calculated risk for them,” said Saravanan Balasundaram, founder and CEO, Han Digital.

The demand has gone up beginning in August. He said the contracting period could vary between three and 12 months.

“The IT staffing business has seen growth on the back of robust demand temporary staffing for digital skills. More corporates are also looking for such talent for internal development,” said Moraje of Quess.


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