Meet Siyona Vikram, who started a podcast solely for children

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Meet Siyona Vikram, who started a podcast solely for children

Called Little Mind Chats, the youngster says it is all about ‘mini minds with mega thoughts’

When one talks to the nine-year-old podcaster, Siyona Vikram, the one thing that comes to mind is not to underestimate the power of a child’s mind. Speaking with a crisp, British accent, confidence is the adjective that comes to mind when describing her.

Siyona’s podcast, which she started when she was eight, is called Little Mind Chats. It is available on Spotify and is aimed at children.

She posts every Sunday and has posted 37 podcasts to date. Siyona has covered various topics and interviewed experts in different fields, including dieticians and a war veteran.

Ever since she started posting on April 6, 2020, her podcasts have reached 33 countries and 293 cities across the world.

When Siyona realized there were few Indian podcasts specifically for children, she decided to start one. “There are a few which cover science, but none perhaps that covers news and current events like mine does,” the Bengaluru-based girl said over the phone. Siyona said she takes her parents’ help to choose newsworthy topics that would be of interest to children her age. “We also take suggestions from listeners and friends.”

Right now Siyona is into the third season of her podcast, which covers education, the first two being health and space. “For health, I focussed on diet, teeth, and Psychology. I do a lot of homework before I come up with a script. Children share their views and feedback with me. The podcast, titled Healthier Eating, inspired many who wrote back saying that they have started eating healthier after listening to that podcast.”

Though, most of the time Siyona is solo on her show, she sometimes does invite a guest.

The title, Siyona explains, does not mean that their thoughts are little. “It means we talk about little things, that can tomorrow take the form of mega ideas, creating a better us and a better future.”


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