Mindfulness: One Failure is Not End of the World

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Mindfulness: One Failure is Not End of the World

During the corona crisis, Mindfulness came across a few stories with a deep sense of faith in life, humanity, and Courage. One Amitabh Trivedi was a big officer in the company which used to deal with fertilizer, seeds, and small tools for agriculture. Ten years ago he quit his job and decided to go for his own business. Initially, he got a good success but suddenly one of his product failed and he found himself in big debt. He had to sell his house. Meanwhile, he came to know about the corruption of his family member on whom he was very dependent on his business.

It was very difficult to cast a doubt on this very important person, but after confirmation, Amitabh came to the conclusion that the family member’s activity was ultimately damaging his business. Despite too much dependence on him, Amitabh decided to let him go. He decided to go to the new beginning. This increased his debt further.

At this point, Amitabh talked to his debtors and clarified his position. His wife too carried out her responsibilities very well. She never let the conditions of her husband’s business affect her children’s education. Amitabh was able to convince the debtors that his losses are only due to weather and technical failure.

While talking to Amitabh and his wife, I continuously felt that how easily a crisis can be faced with the proper understanding between husband and wife. Amitabh is now coming out of his debt. He emphasizes that there is no crisis unsolvable except death and serious illness.

In the last few editions of Mindfulness, we received stories from various cities of India including Bhopal, Jaipur, and Lucknow, in which there were cases of attempting suicide, changing the city, etc because of economic crises. But, the story of Amitabh is something else. If there is honesty in your behavior, if you have the talent to keep your promises, you will definitely find some people with you.

You don’t need many people to get out of any crisis. Sometimes only one person is enough. We must remember every time that is the biggest solution provider for us. Those who have helped us, always take care of them never forget them in the business of good time.


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