MyGate Society Management Platform will provide the residents of 15,000 gated communities

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MyGate Society Management Platform will provide the residents of 15,000 gated communities

MyGate Society Management Platform said it will provide the residents of 15,000 gated communities with I2cure’s proprietary BioShield antiseptic lotion for Covid-19 prevention.

The patented BioShield Antiseptic Lotion from I2cure, a single-use, a broad-spectrum antimicrobial that provides iodine protection against Covid-19 for six hours at a time, is a big step forward from current alcohol-based solutions that are merely disinfectants, the company said.

Although the global launch of I2Cure’s solution is expected to take place in January 2021, MyGate is taking this ahead of time to all its societies across India.

This is what residents can buy on the MyGate app.

Gated communities will now get direct access to I2Cure BioShieldTM with the MyGate partnership. “In urban India, this movement has the potential to dramatically slow the spread of the virus,” said Abhishek Kumar, COO & co-founder, MyGate.

Gated communities are among the most active congregations and remain potential hotspots for the virus, with educational institutions and offices closed and public transport significantly reduced.

Many precautions are taken by most housing societies – ensuring that visitors and workers wear masks, performing a temperature check at the entry point – but the surface transmission of viruses remains a major concern.

“Our product is currently the most effective preventive COVID-19 available to the masses, and we are pleased to partner with MyGate to bring it to the gates of its 15,000 communities to ensure the safety of the millions residing therein, as well as the millions of individuals visiting them on a daily basis, from daily assistance to delivery executives,” said Ramesh Menon, Director of Marketing Strategy &

While sanitizers provide protection only upon application, the molecular iodine solution of BioShield percolates under the skin, acting for six hours at a time as a barrier against any virus and germs.

Residents may be shielded from the risk of being infected by the virus with a single application at the gate or at their residences.

This will lead to a large reduction in the possible number of carriers of viruses which will break the pandemic transmission chain.

Intertekk laboratories in the USA tested and accredited I2cure efficiently.

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