National Testing Agency (NTA) has published some responses to a few frequently asked questions (FAQs).

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National Testing Agency (NTA) has published some responses to a few frequently asked questions (FAQs).

The Joint-Entrance Examination (JEE) Key 2021 has implemented major modifications. As a consequence, among students, this led to quite a few confusions. The National Testing Agency (NTA) has now become aware of this topic and has published some responses to a few frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Is it possible for the aspirant to apply for one or more sessions together?

Yes, to do so, there is a choice. However, the person may need to pay the examination fee reasonably.

Can a candidate appear in one session or he or she has to appear in all four sessions?

This is totally up to the individual. For one or two or three, or all four sessions, he or she might appear.

Is there an option to pay fees for all four sessions together?

It is possible to pay the fees for all four sessions at once.

Whether a candidate needs to pay the fee for one session or all four sessions? When does one pay the fees?

When filling out the application form, the fees need to be charged. According to the number of sessions he or she has applied for, the applicant must pay fees.

Has NTA changed the syllabus of JEE (Main)-2021?

No improvement in the syllabus has occurred. A shift in the question paper, however, has occurred. There will be 90 questions in the paper this year and only 75 questions will need to be tried by the candidate. In the case of 15 optional questions, the officials agreed that no negative marking would occur.

If a candidate has not applied for the February session, can he/she apply for the remaining sessions?

Yes, they’re able to. After the February/March/April sessions are announced, the application window will reopen briefly.

Can a person apply for another session after the result is declared?

Yes, they’re able to. An opportunity will be given to applying for the next session to be held in the March/April/May sessions.

For each session, it is necessary to fill the form separately?

No, only one application for all sessions needs to be completed by the applicant.

What are the advantages of JEE (Main)-2021 Multiple Sessions?

Following are the advantages of Multiple Sessions in JEE (Main)-2021:

  • Multiple chances in the test to raise grades.
  • Students will have a first-hand experience of taking an exam and can realize their errors so the next time they try, they will strengthen them.
  • There will be decreased chances of falling a year.
  • If due to unavoidable circumstances, an aspirant fails the test, then he or she will have another chance.
  • Appearing in all four sessions is not necessary. But if a person appears for more than one session, all that will be considered is his or her best score.

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