Rawalpindi Bombing Involved Terrorists Arrested on Monday

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Rawalpindi Bombing Involved Terrorists Arrested on Monday

LAHORE: Three Taliban terrorists who were involved in the Rawalpindi bombing were arrested by Pakistani security agencies on Monday. At least 25 civilians, including women and girls, were wounded on Sunday in a grenade attack in the Ganj Mandi area near a police station in the Rawalpindi garrison district.

The Punjab Police Department of Counter-Terrorism (CTD) said in a statement on Monday that a CTD Rawalpindi team received intelligence that three terrorists along with Swan River Rawalpindi were hidden on Adyala-Kharakan Road.
CTD raided the place on Monday on this information and evidence gathered from the crime scene of Pir Wadhai and arrested three terrorists. It said On this information and evidence collected from Pir Wadhai crime scene, CTD raided the place on Monday and arrested three terrorists. Explosives, detonators, cell phones, and other articles recovered,”

The CTD said it was discovered during the initial inquiry that the arrested terrorists carried out four bomb blasts in Rawalpindi in 2020 (January, March, June & December), killing four people and injuring more than 30 others.

“The terrorists were radicalized/motivated by the ideology of the proscribed Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan organization, but they were now working for their Afghanistan-based masterminds. They were now doing it for money. They further revealed that their group leader was getting funds for this terrorism from Afghanistan,” the CTD said.
It claimed that terrorists were the object of building the Islamabad Stock Exchange. In the event, the investigation was initiated, it said.

Last week the law enforcement agencies had disrupted a terror plot in Lahore and detained five Afghan Taliban terrorists. The CTD said the Afghan Taliban intended to bomb the Punjab Civil Bureaucracy Civil Secretariat. “The terrorists were heading for Punjab Civil Secretariat Lahore to bomb it They were arrested just before their departure from the Shahdara area of Lahore,” it said.


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