Rubina, Abhinav And Jasmin, Aly Pitched Against Each Other In Nomination Task

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Rubina, Abhinav And Jasmin, Aly Pitched Against Each Other In Nomination Task

Bigg Boss 14 Written Update November 10, 2020: Rubina, Abhinav And Jasmin, Aly Pitched Against Each Other In Nomination Task

Bigg Boss 14: A still from the show


  • Aly Goni destroyed Jasmine’s doll to save Abhinav
  • Rubina had to convince Jasmin to nominate Abhinav
  • Nikki destroyed her blanket in order to save Jaan

New Delhi:

On Tuesday’s episode of Bigg Boss 14, the contestants were put through a test of friendship. During the nomination task, Bigg Boss pitched friends against each other, asking them to sacrifice something dear to them to save their friends from nomination. A scary, Halloween-themed throne was placed in the garden area and Abhinav turned out to be the first one to sit on it. According to Bigg Boss’ instructions, he convinced Aly Goni to destroy Jasmine’s favorite doll and shred it to pieces, in order to save himself. This broke Jasmin’s heart but Aly did it in order to save his friend.


Next, Jaan was asked to sit on the throne and in order to save himself, he had to convince Nikki Tamboli to destroy her favorite blanket. Nikki readily agreed, saying she had promised to save Jaan whenever required. Meanwhile, Rubina was nominated and told that if Jasmin decides to nominate Aly instead of her, then she will be saved. Jasmin welled up at this request but chose Aly over Rubina, saying he’s only joined the show for her. Later, Jasmin also apologized to Rubina for not saving her.

Kavita, who was nominated, asked Abhinav to apologize to Nikki and tell her that she’s right and he was wrong while gifting her Rubina Dilaik’s favorite soft toy, sitting down on his knees. Abhinav accepted the challenge gracefully and completed the task, saving Kavita from nomination. Meanwhile, Aly asked Rubina Dilaik to sacrifice her hairstyling equipment by keeping them in the store room. Rubina agreed to the condition, saying she’s doing it for Jasmine.

The show will takeĀ an emotional turn when Pavitra Punia will ask Eijaz to destroy some of his most precious photo frames brought from home.


Tuesday’s episode also showed the remaining conversation of the contestants with Judges Farah Khan, Charu Malik, and Amit Tyagi. During the session, Abhinav was told he suffers from a superiority complex and accused of not saving his wife. Nikki was asked why she picks fights with her friends. Jaan’s values on his friendship were questioned. Rahul was told that he switches off at times and asked to rationalize his words. Shardul was asked to be more active and told that he appears scared of being nominated.



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