Step-by-step guide on how to move from Airtel postpaid to prepaid

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Step-by-step guide on how to move from Airtel postpaid to prepaid

Users of Airtel Postpaid can turn to Prepaid very quickly, but to do so, they need to visit an Airtel store. The telecommunications operator has a large presence in India and provides its calling and data consuming customers with postpaid and prepaid services. After the month is over, Airtel Postpaid users collect monthly bills of their prices, while prepaid users need to pay beforehand in order to access data and call benefits.

It is an easy job to recharge prepaid plans and pay postpaid bills, and it can be done through the Airtel Thanks app or through third-party apps such as Paytm, Freecharge, and others. However, the process can be a little long and is not common knowledge for everyone when you need to turn from postpaid to prepaid.

We have prepared a step-by-step guide on how to make the move for those Airtel subscribers who want to change from postpaid to prepaid.

How to switch from Airtel postpaid to Airtel prepaid

You will have to visit the nearest Airtel store to transition from Airtel Postpaid to Prepaid. Previously, when visiting the shop, it was important to bring verification documents such as identity and address proofs, but now Airtel has implemented a new OTP process that makes it very easy to move to prepaid. It is necessary to remember that data rollover advantages will be forfeited before you turn to prepaid, and all the stored data will be lost over a period of time. In addition, with the move, all benefits of the Airtel Thanks app given to postpaid users will also be lost. To be able to make the transition to prepaid, users have to be on Airtel postpaid for more than 30 days. To switch from postpaid Airtel and become an Airtel prepaid subscriber, follow these basic measures.

  1. A postpaid Airtel customer will have to visit the nearest Airtel store to begin the switching process. To find the Airtel offline store nearest you, head here.
  2. At the shop, to assist you with the operation, you can tell the customer service representative. They will ask you to fill in a prepaid migration form with a postpaid form. Fill in the form with all the appropriate information and present it to the representative.
  3. The representative tells you after the form is submitted of any dues that might still be left to be paid. The last bill and the sum produced on a pro-rata basis are included. Please pay your dues at Airtel Sore if you haven’t already cleared your dues.
  4. When all the dues are paid off and the form is sent, the representative may make an application to transfer to prepaid.
  5. On your number, an OTP will arrive, and once you send the OTP to the representative and the verification is complete, an SMS comes to your phone that the request for postpaid prepaid change has been sent.
  6. The activation of this move to prepaid should take approximately two hours. In the store itself, Airtel users would have to recharge an FRC.
  7. Once the change to prepaid is complete, users can later recharge their prepaid SIM via the Airtel Thanks app or any other third-party apps such as Paytm or Freecharge with a plan of their choice.


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