Take a Look at Ajay Prasad’s Covid-19 Story

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Take a Look at Ajay Prasad’s Covid-19 Story

As he started going to work, Ajay Prasad grabbed COVID. His partner, too, quickly exhibited signs and tested positive. His wife stabilized at home when he was hospitalized. Via his story, instead of running to specialists, he wants to alert anyone who opts to attend a local clinic.

The fearful news from Europe and the US was alarming as the COVID pandemic began, and it was stressful to deal with these incidents, considering you have elders and children at home.

The first near experience with the virus was in early July when my 20-year-old nephew came into contact with the virus. As BBMP set up a barricade and socially segregated the whole house, the timelines were very terrifying. After 10 days, my nephew was taken to the CCC and discharged. For 5 days, oral cough and vitamin medications were given to him and for another 5 days, he was under observation.

My sister’s family was moved to a quarantine center and returned home after 5 days of unsuccessful COVID virus testing. I live with my two brothers in an individual house – 3 stories, with 3 bedrooms each and a shared staircase to use.

All types of neighbors you see around. Although we had some kind souls who helped us obtain everyday household needs and drugs, in this rough time, we had a few partly trained neighbors who revealed their true colors. Partial schooling is a dangerous prospect because it is not even possible to put them in either grouping. Empty boats usually make more noise, but from a college peon to a mess owner or a self-proclaimed social worker and their depression-laden wives, I never expected more.

Then came the true test in time. That’s why I became sick at the end of October. It began with a gentle cold and a bad throat. For curious days, I had resumed my office and was riding to work on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. My cold and throat symptoms went down within a day with one course of medication. I woke up with a bad neck ache the next day. In 3-6 months, since the neck ache is a normal thing for me, I thought it would subside like my cold.

So there is something that I have not been able to comprehend. I had serious body aches for the next 4 to 5 days. I wanted to see a doctor at the local clinic because my family doctor was traveling. The doctor checked me and gave me medication for a couple of days, saying that if the condition continues, I can come in for a blood and urine test. It was a weekend and I relaxed and felt better.

I ventured to the office the next day but my body aches returned in the afternoon. I knew I couldn’t keep going, and I wanted to head back home. I visited the doctor and had a blood and urine test done, and he told me to come back as soon as the results were ready. In the morning, I saw him and there was something odd about the actions of the doctor and his body language that didn’t go well with me. He recommended a series of medications for me and advised me that if I do not recover properly, I will require intravenous medicines.

Again one sentence from the doctor didn’t sound right. I needed to visit a physician after I returned home and pinged the two physicians that came to my mind – I shared all the reports and explained my symptoms. Most of them was my wife’s psychiatrist, with whom we had lost contact for a bit. I pinged her to check if she was able to do a video consultation. The other guy is a close acquaintance of mine and a physician. He runs an orthopedic facility and is an in-hospital general specialist.

To my good luck, the doctors have both replied. My friend, an orthopedic specialist, recommended that I get a COVID examination and said that we should do the same at his hospital. In the meantime, my wife’s doctor also replied by saying that via the Malathi Manipal Jayanagar team we can set up a video call. For the last seven days, I have been alone since I have two children, aged 11 and 6. My wife and all three pieces of home aid kept living normally.

This was the beginning of a difficult time of 21 days. I had Dr. Kamal’s consultation, and aside from the CBC that I had completed, he recommended CRP, D-Dimer, and Xray. I’ve completed all of the assessments and the results have been straightforward. So the doctor began Fluvir, Ezee, Ceeplus, Dolo (SoS) and told me to get my oxygen tested. After 3 days, she suggested a follow-up appointment. Those three days have been rough for me. Although my saturation was between 97 and 99 at all times, I had begun to get a fever.

I kept the doctor updated on a regular basis about my temperature and saturation readings. In the meantime, my wife began to cough and she complained of a lack of scent and taste. We sensed that COVID had reached all of us. I notified the doctor about the state of my wife on the 3rd day and that’s when she told me that both of us should urgently conduct the COVID examination. I needed to be free from this disease with the kids and everyone and home and I figured I should get all checked at home, including our domestic aid.

Tough time calls for choices which are mature. I went ahead with the doctor’s recommendation, even if my wife decided to wait a few days to see how we had changed. We went to the close BBMP Medical Office with me and my wife, and both of our Quick Antigent Checks were positive. I was not amazed. I instructed the BBMP team to come and assess everyone in the house along with me. Everyone else, by God’s grace, was cynical. That gave me a lot of confidence, and I knew that time would quickly pass.

We transferred the children to the second floor and waited to go to see the doctor the following day. For both me and Veena (my wife), Dr. Kamal repeated the same examination (D-Dimer, CRP, and CBC), except for me, she inserted the HRCT scan this time around. Veena was a minor case and I was diagnosed with severe COVID. Seven days after the hospitalization, the doctor informed me and Veena was told to take the medication at home.

I was given Remdisivir, steroids, blood thinner, and other antibiotics for the next 7 days. Veena was at home doing alright. After 4 days of medicine, she did her HRCT and the doctor recommended her to proceed with home isolation and prescription. On the 8th day, I got discharged. Home confinement took place for the next 2 weeks. My body was tired. I continued eating really good back at home.

After 15 days of separation following my release, we sanitized the house and got the children back. With my morning yoga and everyday office work, life has begun to feel normal. Prayers from family and friends have helped a great deal. Dr. Kamal has been a visionary.

My message to everyone will be to get screened quickly and start on medications if one sees any symptom of COVID. If we delay, the illness delays leaving the body as well. Only contact a professional and should not waste time talking to local hospitals. COVID is not regarded by these hospitals as a disorder. Keep cool, keep doing pranayams as soon as you can. Stop frequent calls and ensure grooming for wellbeing.

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