Take a look at Shailaja Lohar COVID Story

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Take a look at Shailaja Lohar COVID Story

Because of the lockout, Shailaja Lohar was happy when she could sit at home around her daughter. But soon, along with her 7-year-old daughter, she tested positive. Here is her journey via COVID.

For a working mother like me, the announcement of the lockout and a total change of routine was a kind of blessing. I have a family that is the most loving family of all. It all started just after the Ganpati festival when I developed a bad cold and cough, accompanied by a loss of taste and smell.

For the first few days, I’ve been taking daily medication, steam, turmeric milk. The cough didn’t subside, however. I went for antigen testing on the advice of my physician. And I tested positive, to my horror.

A line of questions came next. Who else may have contracted it from me in my family? And my worst fear was that of my 7-year-old daughter, Sharvani. I isolated myself away from all the others at home because we had to wait for all my family members’ test results.

Fortunately, except for my daughter, all checked negative. And I was coughing so badly by now, I could hardly talk for a couple of sentences. We started looking for a hospital for me and my daughter right away, and we finally got a private room in the same hospital I was in for my daughter’s birth. Tests were completed, CT scans revealed a slight lung infection, and I was diagnosed with bronchitis, too. All this, though my daughter had no symptoms, pediatrics treated her.

I would make her sleep through the normal storytelling routine every night in the hospital and then sleep, only with cough bursts. After four days, doctors told me that my daughter could be released, but for the next few days, strict isolation had to be performed at home. She was then discharged and taken care of by my husband and my family. The mother in me who stood firm all the time the night my daughter was discharged broke down.

I felt a combination of feeling as if an unstoppable tsunami had been unleashed now, and I almost cried for two hours, thanking the Almighty for keeping my daughter safe and healthy. The cough had intensified, even though I didn’t require oxygen or a ventilator, and the medicines that were too strong had begun to show tremendous side effects. My taste and smell have not yet improved, with all the medications making things worse.

I still had to take medicine for the next 15 days until I was released on the 10th day. As a lecturer, my career requested that I talk for long periods. Thankfully, I was supported by my department manager and my colleagues. Because of the bad cough and exhaustion, I was not able to teach for a whole month. I was emotionally and physically distressed by all these unexpected occurrences.

I began to worry that for all my life, I would not be able to taste anything. That was the only COVID symptom that lasted for a whole month.
One thing I learned from this experience was that nothing is more important than your wellbeing, both physical and mental, and that life is truly precious.

My mother and sister emotionally helped me, as did my dad. And I am still deeply thankful to all the medical personnel in the hospital who have taken care of me. Here are my few takeaways from the experience as a whole.

– Every single person infected with Coronavirus has different symptoms, so if you test positive, please do not fear or panic.

-Keep a good outlook and remind yourself emotionally that you can surely come out of this.

-Do not neglect any concerns with wellbeing.

-Take a lot of rest, only spending time with your loved ones will emotionally heal you.

(The views expressed in this article should not be viewed as a replacement for advice from physicians. For more information, please contact your medical doctor.)


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