Find out the right shoes to go with your Chinos.

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Find out the right shoes to go with your Chinos.

Chino pants are a style everyone needs to embrace. The elegance of Chinos lies in their versatility-whether formal or informal, you can pull off a Chino on countless occasions. These pants are made of Chinese cloth, a lightweight cotton twill fabric that is easy to wear. They are certainly more sophisticated than jeans, but they are less formal than dress trousers, which makes them ideal for informal and semi-formal activities.

And the right choice of accessories will make a big difference when it comes to styling these pairs of trousers with sneakers. Read on to see how you can pair your shoes together with chino trousers.

Chino trousers are better paired with shoes and boots for a casual outing. Although white shoes can fit well with neutral hues, for a well-put-together look, black boots can be matched with dark-hued trousers such as blue and brown.

A pair of trendy lace-up shoes and even loafers can be your go-to option for a semi-casual or smart casual look. These shoes will quickly add a bit of elegance to your style.


lace up shoes

You may choose dress shoes like Oxford and Derby, which look sophisticated, for a semi-formal atmosphere. These leather shoes will help to boost your beauty and add a polished look.

Oxford shoes

Chinos can be combined with blazers for cocktail wear and a crisp look can be given by the correct pair of shoes. For both suede and leather, one may experiment. Try models such as loafers, derby caps, and even brogues.

Don’t make these mistakes while wearing chinos:

Slippers and open-sandals: The pants are definitely renowned for their durability, but they can appear too relaxed by pairing them with slippers and open sandals. If you’re in the mood to wear slippers or sandals, so the safest choice will be to wear Chino shorts.

Don’t mix casual shirts with formal shoes: The wearing of a casual T-shirt or a polo shirt with formal shoes is one of the most common mistakes men make. A big misfit of casual looks like these may be dress shoes.

Invest in the right fit:
Sitting slightly over the waist, a perfect pair of Chino pants will be mid-rise. Stop high waists, as the shoulders can be tighter and even low-rise suits, as they can offer a dirty appearance.

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