YouTube Is Testing New Settings Menu for Video Quality

YouTube Is Testing New Settings Menu for Video Quality

YouTube is reportedly testing new video quality settings that will automatically adjust the playback resolution based on data-usage preferences. The new settings dropdown, currently being tested in beta, will be a departure from the current settings on YouTube that allow users to pick a specific resolution – between 144p and 4K – for streaming videos. The options that the new menu will reportedly include are auto, higher picture quality (more data usage), and data saver, along with an advanced option to choose a specific resolution.

As reported by 9to5Google, along with the new set of video quality options, the YouTube video settings menu under testing will also specify the current resolution of the video on top. And will give users the option to select different default settings for streaming videos on Wi-Fi and mobile data.

The options are reportedly being tested on a beta version 15.45.32. It is unclear at the moment if YouTube will be rolling this feature out to more users in the coming days. The report also does not specify if the video quality settings menu will be altered for all users globally or limited to certain regions.

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